1. Our Mission
    We aim to operate our business with integrity and professionalism. Our company is a small family business with exceptional capabilities, knowledge and experience. We take pride in our achievements and strive to maintain the level of ethical and professional standards that our company was built on
  2. Please talk about us!
    We greatly appreciate reviews and recommendations, and feedback. Word of mouth, google reveiws, facebook recommendations or an email directly to us. We read them all. We strive to improve our services and your feedback helps us to determine where we need work and where we've done a good job at providing service. Thank you! -Randy & Onale
SeCOR Safety Certified 
We are committed to providing and executing a strong safety and health program.
Our aim is to productively perform our daily work activities while ensuring the safety of our employees, customers, general public and community​

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100% Metis owned and operated.

What we do
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